If I Don’t Have a Website, Can I Still Be an Influencer?


A “website” is not defined the way it used to be… SMI* today don’t need to have a traditional website. You can link almost anywhere from your social media profile, such as a booking link (for singing, dancing, playing balls, photography, consulting, etc), or link to a site that hosts videos of your acting performances, or to an article you wrote in BusinessWeek, Medium, NYT, your reviews on IMDB, your affiliated products on Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, or — G-D forbids, even to a different social media account. Many influencers just link to a “mix” curator such as linktr.ee. And YOU?

*SMI = Social Media influencers. Source: Who is an influencer?

In This Article:

OPTION A: Your Performances On…

  • Your article on Medium, or NYTimes, FoxNews, BusinessWeek, Linkedin, BusinessInsider, etc. (the more famous and relevant to the audience, the better)
  • YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify…
  • Singing Contests (e.g. singing with stars)
  • Theater
  • “Ticketmaster”
  • Radio stations (eg on iHeartRadio.com)
  • Work Portfolio on your art school website
  • Your app on AppleStore and/or GoogleStore
  • etc.

OPTION B: Your Booking Page

  • Third-party services to book an appointment, buy a ticket, and more through platforms like Booksy, Eventbrite, etc.

OPTION C: Your Affiliate Pages

OPTION D: Your Other Social Arsenals

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Etc


OPTION F: Nothing

Last, (where “F” stands for F-U?) not linking to any website is OK sometimes too. Look at the below example — Francesca has a 25% engagement rate, get tons of sponsorship, and happily influences without a website:

And so, as you can see, not like in the past, we have many options now to enter as “our website.” Fun, right?

Tip: Test some of these ideas and see which one your audience clicks on the most, and then focus on that one from now on.

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Founder, DearMishu & DearMishuDad